ELFO Hybrid Passenger Lift

The ElfoLift is an unbeatable classic. It is the market leader in luxury home elevators, designed to provide style, value, quality, reliability and affordability.

It features a larger, stronger motor and enhanced computer controls to ensure it easily and smoothly accelerates to its large full-load (five people) ascending speed of 0.30m/s.

This makes Lift Shop’s ElfoLift unique, because of its level of comfort and efficiency. Other lifts with single speed control devices simply cannot achieve the same speed while providing a smooth journey.

In addition to its functionality, architects and designers alike love the ElfoLift because it has minimal spacial impact yet offers maximum flexibility when it comes to design and sizing.

ElfoLift customers won’t ever find a depreciating rubber trim holding their lift cabin together as happens with other budget lift products. The ElfoLift is supplied with all the hallmarks of a genuine luxury home lift – stainless steel profiles and trims are just the beginning.

ElfoLift’s interiors and landing doors are sized and styled to suit the specific requirements of individual projects, and with an almost infinite range of configuration possibilities, the only limitation is your imagination.

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