Loler Testing

LOLER Reporting also known as Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998) is now a compulsory requirement under the Health and Safety legislation. All passenger carrying lifts legally need to be LOLER tested every 6 months. Goods lifts every 12 months.

If you are an employer or self-employed and you are providing lifting equipment for use at work, then this regulation will apply to you and therefore it is a legal onus on you to have routine LOLER testing carried out on the equipment used.

Under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations it is essential to ensure that all lifting equipment is:

  • Sufficiently strong, stable and suitable for the proposed use. Similarly, the load and anything attached must be suitable eg. timber pallets, lifting point etc.
  • Positioned or installed to prevent the risk of injury eg. to stop any load or equipment from falling which could therefore result in someone being hurt.
  • Visibly marked with any appropriate information needed eg. Safe working loads, slings, clamps etc.

Additionally, you must ensure that:

  • Lifting operations are planned, supervised and carried out in a safe manner by people who are competent in this area
  • Where equipment is used for lifting people it is marked accordingly, and it should be safe for such a purpose
  • Before lifting equipment is used for the fist time it must be thoroughly examined – all of the examination work requirement must be carried out by a competent person
  • Following a thorough examination or inspection of any lifting equipment, a report is submitted to you by the competent person therefore allowing you to the competent action.

Similar to a car MOT, it is required that your lift is LOLER tested, if this testing is not carried out in correspondence with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 then you are in contravention of your statutory requirements therefore could be subject to investigation from the health and safety executive in the event of a lift failure causing any injury. The same way as MOT, LOLER testing will show that at the time of the test, all components within the lift have been formally assessed and are seen to be in a safe condition.

Here at Patterson Lifts we will happily advise on the testing that is required for your individual system. Our fully trained engineers can quickly assess your LOLER testing needs and carry out any thorough examinations alongside making recommendations for repairs that may be needed.

Equally, we are happy to provide a quote for you for any recommendations.

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